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Bio Tools
Welcome to Bio-Tools. The internet is a vast wasteland of links and tubes. I'm a tube-dweller who hoards links to interesting and useful places. Go now, and explore my eclectic collection of utensils continuously updating for your fecundity.
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  [ {"heading":"Taxonomy"
      ,["OneZoom Explorer",""]
      ,["One Tree of Life",""]
      ,["Bacteria Tree of Life",""]
      ,["Interactive Tree of Life",""]
      ,["FoamTree of Life",""]
      ,["Eukaryotic ToL",""]
  , {"heading":"Organism Identification"
      [["Discover Life",""]
      ,["Zooplankton Key",""]
      ,["PhycoKey (Algae)",""]
      ,["MycoKey (Fungi)",""]
      ,["Insect Identification",""]
      ,["Marine Species Identification",""]
      ,["(Pl@ntNet) AI Plant Identification",""]
      ,["Featured Creatures",""]
      ,["Slime Mold (Eumycetozoans)",""]
  , {"heading":"Biodiversity"
      [["Encyclopedia of Life",""]
      ,["Integrated Taxonomic Information System",""]
      ,["World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS)",""]
      ,["Ocean Biodiversity Information System (OBIS)",""]
      ,["Global Biodiversity Information Facility",""]
      ,["Phytoplankton Encyclopedia",""]
      ,["EBI Microbiome Initiative",""]
      ,["Learn about Amoebae",""]
  , {"heading":"Paleobiology (fossils and more)"
      [["Smithsonian Collections",""]
      ,["AMNH Databases",""]
      ,["AMNH Library",""]
      ,["Microfossil Collection",""]
      ,["Biodiversity Heritage Library",""]
      ,["Yale Peabody Museum Collections",""]
  , {"heading":"Paleo-Earth and Maps"
      [["GPlates Portal",""]
      ,["Google Earth",""]
      ,["Platetectonic Reconstruction",""]
      ,["Scotese Climate History",""]
      ,["GPlates, 3D Earth Modelling Software",""]
      ,["EarthByte, Virtual Earth Tools",""]
      ,["Scotese PaleoAtlas Data",""]
      ,["PBDB Navigator, Fossil Locations in Space/Time",""]
      ,["Old Maps Online",""]
    , {"heading":"Earth and Ecosystem Tools"
      [["CEC Atlas",""]
      ,["NOAA Ocean Data",""]
      ,["NOAA Tides and Currents",""]
      ,["North American Pollution Registry",""]
      ,["Global Biotic Interactions",""]
    , {"heading":"Microscopy and Histology"
      [["Brain Map",""]
      ,["ImageJ (software)",""]
      ,["Microscopy UK",""]
      ,["Penard Labs (amoebae)",""]
    , {"heading":"General Databases"
      [["NCBI Resources",""]
      ,["UniProt (proteins)",""]
      ,["Protein Data Bank",""]
      ,["Swiss Bioinformatics Resource Portal",""]
      ,["Wolfram Alpha (everything)",""]
    , {"heading":"Molecular Bio and Genetics"
      [["UCSC Genome Browser",""]
      ,["Benchling (DNA work)",""]
      ,["I-TASSER Protein Structure Prediction",""]
      ,["Zhang Lab Tools",""]
      ,["MicroRNA Database",""]
      ,["NEB Cloning Tools",""]
      ,["Human Protein Atlas",""]
      ,["Protein-Protein Interaction Network",""]
      ,["Natural Product Domain Seeker",""]
      ,["Galaxy Bioinformatics Platform",""]
      ,["Ribosomal Database Project",""]
    , {"heading":"Chemistry"
      ,["(The best) Periodic Table",""]
      ,["Nuclear Data Center (KAERI)",""]
      ,["Biochemical Pathways Map",""]
      ,["Extracellular Matrix Interaction Database",""]
      ,["Reactome Pathway Browser",""]
      ,["Spectral Database (Organic)",""]
      ,["Infrared Spectroscopy Table",""]
    , {"heading":"Scientific Illustration"
      ,["The Noun Project (Icons)",""]
      ,["Cell Illustrator",""]